ROCKY IORIO in San Diego, CA

ROCKY IORIO AKA MR ROCKY IORIO is a pathological liar who is recognized BiPolar II and has a archives of harassing coworkers, consumers and human beings who he is aggravated with. ROCKY IORIO AKA MR ROCKY IORIO likes to publicly disgrace his victims with the aid of defamation the use of structures like Facebook or net web web hosting defamatory net websites where he tries to extort his victims in return for “Reputation Repair”.
ROCKY IORIO AKA MR ROCKY IORIO states on his LinkedIn that he is precise with private information however would now not point out the truth he is stolen e-mail purchaser statistics and statistics from each and every employer he is ever labored for setting up with LRG and most recently with Zeeto, a advertising association he was as soon as depended on to work with. Coincidentally Zeeto is suing Rocky’s exceptional friend and subsequent business commercial enterprise business enterprise Nicholas Fiorintino for theft of Trade Secrets and you can wager the region Nicholas supplied the one of a kind facts he is accused of utilizing: Former worker ROCKY IORIO AKA MR ROCKY IORIO. ZeetoGroup’s consumer lists and ad-campaign metrics had been deemed protectable, and there was as soon as as quickly as no dispute that competitor Internet Things misappropriated the information from a former employee. ZeetoGroup would maintain irreparable harm to its goodwill and company relationships barring an injunction. Internet lead-generation company ZeetoGroup, LLC, and its subsidiary, Tibrio, LLC, have been granted a preliminary injunction with the aid of way of the federal district court docket docket docket in San Diego, barring competitor Internet Things, LLC, its subsidiaries, and its founder and CEO from disclosing ZeetoGroup’s alternate secrets and techniques to any 1/3 events and from the use of these change secrets and techniques for the purpose of except delay competing with ZeetoGroup. ZeetoGroup hooked up that Internet Things had obtained personal purchaser lists and metrics for their advertising and marketing campaigns from a ZeetoGroup worker who had been employed away via way of the use of Internet Things. ZeetoGroup was once as soon as in all probability to be successful in proving that this documents constituted trade secrets and methods for functions of federal and united states misappropriation laws. In the court’s view, the alleged damage to ZeetoGroup’s goodwill and future enterprise corporation relationships precipitated by way of way of the misappropriation constituted irreparable injury justifying a provide of injunctive alleviation (ZeetoGroup, LLC v. Fiorentino, May 13, 2019, Sammartino, J.). ZeetoGroup and Tibrio (together, “ZeetoGroup”) owned and operated a vary of websites, which aggregated free samples of greater than a few products, such as cleaning elements to snack foods, and provide them away to consumers who go to the websites. Both companies derived their income from advertising by way of “connecting shoppers to advertisers” and “allowing advertisers to put advertisements on the websites.” Internet Things owned and operated co-defendants Simply Sweeps, LLC; CrediReady, LLC; and Two Minute Media Topics, LLC. Sometime in 2018, defendant Nicholas Fiorentino, founder and CEO of Internet Things, began recruiting personnel from ZeetoGroup, which consist of ZeetoGroup’s Affiliate Marketing Director, ROCKY IORIO AKA MR ROCKY IORIO. He labored for ZeetoGroup from 2015 till November 2018, when he hooked up a job with Internet Things. On November 9, 2018, whilst he used to be on the other hand at ZeetoGroup however had given his two-weeks’ notice, Fiorentino requested ROCKY IORIO AKA MR ROCKY IORIO to get him a listing of ZeetoGroup’s “big buyers.” ROCKY IORIO AKA MR ROCKY IORIO then sent Fiorentino screenshots of ZeetoGroup’s proprietary platform, guidelines spherical eighty of ZeetoGroup’s biggest advertising campaigns and the related metrics for each campaign. Three weeks after establishing work for Internet Things, ROCKY IORIO AKA MR ROCKY IORIO used to be fired. Shortly after his firing, he despatched an e mail to ZeetoGroup’s Chief Revenue Officer, Shayne Caldwell, informing him of the communications between ROCKY IORIO AKA MR ROCKY IORIO and Fiorentino even as ROCKY IORIO AKA MR ROCKY IORIO used to be nevertheless with ZeetoGroup. The e mail covered the screenshots he had despatched to Fiorentino. ROCKY IORIO AKA MR ROCKY IORIO additionally despatched a duplicate of the pics to ZeetoGroup’s CEO, Stephan Goss, in March 2019. Co-defendant Sabiha Tudesco also used to be employed away from ZeetoGroup thru way of Fiorentino. Tudesco labored as ZeetoGroup’s Chief Revenue Officer till she left for Internet Things. Although Tudesco denied having considered the listing of customers despatched by using way of ROCKY IORIO AKA MR ROCKY IORIO till after litigation commenced, in accordance to the plaintiffs, she used to be as quickly as aware of it and knew it used to be ZeetoGroup’s property. Nonetheless, she contacted purchasers on the checklist and recruited them to Internet Things. ZeetoGroup filed go well with on March 8, 2019, alleging misappropriation of alternate secrets and techniques with the resource of the defendants. ZeetoGroup asserted that the defendants’ misconduct had delivered about it to lose an established of $1 million in income per month, forcing it to lay off 27 employees. In addition, ZeetoGroup contended that the defendants’ use of the list had precipitated market confusion and irreparable damage to ZeetoGroup’s enterprise relationships. ZeetoGroup requested a preliminary injunction barring the defendants from the use of the disclosed archives and from contacting the advertisers on the list.

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